Nigerian Drug Accredited as Cancer Remedy


There appears to be imminent breakthrough in the fight  against cancer, an incurable ailment that  is currently ravaging the whole world.

A product by a Nigerian phytho-medicinal researcher, Ben Amodu, a pharmacist, in association with Halamin Herbal Centre here in Nigeria may perform the magic. In a recent work by the Department of  Environmental and Interdisciplinary Services in the Texas Southern University, Houston, is rekindling people’s hopes of a cure for the deadly disease.

The work and imminent breakthrough was revealed by Syntia Kwende and Momoh Yakubu to show that cancer, the dreadful disease would soon succumb to the drug combination coming from the Herbal Centre.
Amodu, a pharmacist, recently revealed in Abuja in a paper from the university that contains result of the research. The result is that of: “Anti-proliferative and Cytotoxic Evaluation of Herbal Supplement SAABFAT6 on HT29 Colorectal Adenocarcinoma Cells
*Syntia Kwende and Momoh.*
He said that “the consumption of herbal supplements has been one of the remedies for several aliments including cancer for a long time. Cancers, especially colorectal adenocarcinoma are diseases with high morbidity and mortality and are often associated with suffering and poor quality of life. Herbal supplements are attractive cancer therapy. We have investigated the anti-proliferative and cytotoxic properties of the herbal supplement SAABFAT6 on colorectal Adenocarcinoma cell (HT29). Ethanol extracts of SAABFAT6 (0.5 —mg/mL) was incubated with HT29 and in vitro anti-proliferative/cytotoxicity activities were evaluated using MIT assay.
“Also, treatment of HT29 with SABFAT6 significantly reduces cellular proliferation at 48 and 72 but not at 24 hours except for 2 mg/mL concentration. Cytotoxic evaluation showed significant reduction in cell viability at 24 and 48 hrs (2 mg/mL) and at 48 hrs (0.5 and 1 mg/mL). This preliminary result indicates that SAABFAT6 supplement may have a potential for the regulation of HT29 growth and survival. Further study is required to identify the mechanism(s) by which the anti-proliferative and cytotoxic effects of SAABFAT6 is mediated.”

Amodu who is also the director and chief researcher of the Centre disclosed that similar researches were carried out in the Nigerian Institute of Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRID) in Abuja, which according to him, showed that his product combinations has remedy for cancer. The phytho-medicinal researcher added that his products when taken to America had been found to have curing capacity of over 75% of cancers of the lung, colon and pancreas.

Amodu challenged the media to do justice to the publicity of the latest development in the health sector.  He therefore boasted that Nigeria would be in the fore-front of herbal tourism in the world. The pharmacist also informed that the result of his research was the first time a non-chemical could be classified as chemotherapeutic agent, and urged the government to use the achievement to diversify the economy.

Another paper on the research from the university read indicated that the consumption of herbal supplements has been one of the remedies for several ailments including cancer for a long time.

In another development, Abuja Metro found that a lead paper delivered by Yakubu Momoh on the drug at the Boston Conference, USA attracted over 1600 scientists.

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